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Total Psychological WellbeingTM

Our comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) package - Total Psychological WellbeingTM covers the essential components of workplace wellness.  In order to meet your workplace needs, our Total Psychological WellbeingTM packages include four vital areas — Outreach, Training & Education, Direct Assistance, and Feedback.


EAP Orientation & Promotion
We provide orientation sessions for managers/supervisors to familiarize them with the EAP components and to brief them on procedures for identifying and referring employees who may benefit from services.  We also organize outreach activities (e.g., launch events, distribution of printed material) amongst employees to introduce them to the EAP, promote its utilization, and highlight procedures for accessing services.

Quarterly Newsletter
All employees will have access to quarterly electronic newsletters containing information on the latest trends and innovations in health and wellness, nutrition and fitness, personal growth, and professional development, among others.

Training & Education

Quarterly Wellbeing Lunch Talks
We provide quarterly wellbeing talks during the lunch hour for all employees on a variety of personal and professional development topics.

 The following topics are available for the Total Psychological WellbeingTM packages for Corporations and Educational Institutions:

◊   Coping with Stress
◊   Building Resilient Minds
◊   Effective Communication
◊   Managing Workplace Conflict
◊   Team Dynamics
◊   Honing Your Presentation Skills
◊   Work Life Balance
◊   Cultivating Your Child’s Potential
◊   Parenting Your Teenager
◊   Managing Family Finances
◊   Adjusting to Life in Singapore
◊   Relocation 101

The Total Psychological WellbeingTM package for Educational Institutions also includes the following topics:

◊   Survival Skills for Academics
◊   Strategies for Effective Teaching
◊   Using Technology to Enhance Learning
◊   Teaching Today’s Students
◊   Mentorship Skills
◊   Working with Parents

Online Resource Centre
Employees will be able to access informative self-help articles and self-assessment tools on personal wellbeing and professional development.  The Online Resource Center is available in our Members Area.

Direct Assistance for Employees

Face-to-face Counselling
We offer confidential, professional counseling services to assist employees facing a broad range of personal concerns including depression, stress and anxiety, anger management, marital/relationship problems, or career-related issues.  Employees can directly call or e-mail their assigned EAP Consultant to book an appointment for face-to-face counseling.

All of our EAP Consultants adhere strictly to the highest professional and ethical standards.  They have at least a Master degree in Counseling/Clinical Psychology or related specialization and are trained to deliver evidence-based psychological interventions.

Emergency Phone Counselling
Employees have access to a 24hr, 7-day-a-week Crisis Helpline for assistance with urgent issues.

Referral to Specialist Services
Short-term, solution-focused counseling may not be the right approach for every problem.  Employees with chronic mental health issues, health complications, and/or those requiring psychiatric medication will be referred to appropriate specialist services.

We have an established health specialist referral network (psychologists, psychiatrists, medical specialists) for follow-up diagnosis, assessment and treatment.  In such cases, case monitoring, management and follow-up will be provided by the EAP.  However, specialists charges are considered additional costs and are not covered by the EAP package.

Direct Assistance for Managers

Management Consultation & Coaching
Our EAP Consultants are also available to provide your supervisors/managers with support and recommendations for a broad range of workplace issues.  These issues may include managing troubled employees, improving job performance, enhancing team dynamics, managing organizational change, and resolving conflict.  Consultations can be over the phone or via face-to-face sessions.

Critical Incident Response
Critical incidents or traumatic events such accidents, physical or verbal violence, and sudden illness or death (e.g., heart attacks) can happen at the workplace and adversely impact employees.

As part of our round-the-clock critical incident response service, our EAP Consultants provide on-site psychological first-aid for the management of acute psychological distress, in the immediate hours following a critical incident.  Additionally, if deemed necessary, our EAP Consultants will provide affected supervisors and employees with more long-term post-incident support services (follow-up assessment, support and counseling).


EAP Utilization Report
We provide utilization reports to employers on a half-yearly basis. These reports contain descriptive statistics on EAP utilization, such as number of counseling clients, type of presenting problems, number of participants who attended talks, and other summary data.  In the interest of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your employees, our utilization reports do not contain any personal identifying information.

Client Satisfaction Survey
We provide detailed yearly feedback on client and organizational satisfaction with our EAP services.

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