Simple Solutions

If you prefer stand-alone psychological support options to enhance your workplace wellness, choose Simple SolutionsTM.

Simple SolutionsTM Training & Education
Customized talks for employees and managers
We are able to tailor-make talks and seminars to meet the personal and professional development needs of your workforce. Speak to one of our EAP Consultants to discuss your requirements.

Customized workshops
If you are looking for more interactive, multimodal training alternatives for your employees and/or managers, consider our custom-build workshops.

Simple SolutionsTM Professional Counselling
For Employees
We offer confidential, face-to-face counselling services to assist employees facing a broad range of personal concerns including depression, stress and anxiety, anger management, marital/relationship problems, or career-related issues.

For Dependents
Additionally, preferred rates on professional counselling services are available should your organization choose to extend coverage to employees’ dependents (e.g., spouse, children, immediate family members).

Simple SolutionsTM Critical Incident Response
Critical incidents or traumatic events such accidents, physical or verbal violence, and sudden illness or death (e.g., heart attacks) can happen at the workplace and adversely impact employees.

As part of our 24/7 critical incident response service, our team is available to provide on-site psychological first-aid as well as more long-term post-incident psychological support services.

Simple SolutionsTM Management Consultancy & Coaching
We offer consultancy services to support your supervisors/managers on a broad range of workplace issues, including enhancing team dynamics, improving job performance, and managing organizational change.

Please enquire for details.

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