Employee Assistance Program services

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a professional service that is specifically designed to improve and/or maintain the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace.  This is accomplished through the application of psychological principles, including specialized knowledge and expertise about human behaviour and mental health.

In other words … it’s about your people!

EAP Consultants LLP offers comprehensive EAP packages as well as an array of stand-alone psychological support options.

Total Psychological WellbeingTM is our comprehensive EAP package that contains the essential psychological support services to enhance workplace wellness.  Our EAP packages are tailored to meet your specific workplace needs, whether you are a corporation or an educational institution.

Simple SolutionsTM are stand-alone psychological support options.  Custom-build your own solutions to meet your specific workplace needs.

Right People

Right Focus

Right Delivery

Our consultants are specialists in human behavior with relevant background in psychology, education, and HR management.
Our emphasis is on the use of systematic, evidence-based strategies that are geared towards prevention and early intervention.
Our services are Customized, Easily Accessible, and Affordable.

Client confidentiality

Our consultants adhere to the highest ethical and confidentiality standards governing the mental health profession. All EAP client records are fully protected and kept strictly confidential. Information from client records will be released only with the written consent of the client.

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