Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for Educational Institutions

Today, the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies offer EAPs at the workplace. In recent years, EAPs have started to catch on among employers in Singapore. Apart from corporate social responsibility, EAPs are viewed as a means to attract, motivate, and retain employees. Whilst there are a growing number of EAP providers in Singapore, thus far, none has programs tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals working in the education sector.

This gap only serves to highlight the huge unmet needs of educators in Singapore – the same individuals we have tasked with shaping our future generations. Like their corporate counterparts, educators are confronted with a myriad of workplace challenges. These include work-life balance issues, role boundaries, career development, group dynamics, time-management, work stress, and burnout, among others.

Additionally, many educators wear several different hats at the workplace – teacher, mentor, supervisor, researcher, administrator. Their ongoing challenge lies in finding the most effective and efficient way of juggling these diverse roles and responsibilities. This is a highly stressful endeavor.

An EAP that is specifically tailored for educators can help institutions bring out the best in their teaching staff, whilst fostering resiliency and mitigating on-the-job challenges.

Please click here for details about our EAP package—Total Psychological WellbeingTM.

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