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FAQ for Employers

What is an EAP?
An EAP or Employee Assistance Programme is a professional service that is specifically designed to improve and/or maintain the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace.  This is accomplished through the application of psychological principles, including specialized knowledge and expertise about human behaviour and mental health.  Our comprehensive EAP package Total Psychological WellbeingTM covers the essential components of workplace wellness.

Why implement an EAP?
EAPs help organizations to identify and address individual and organizational risk factors which may impact upon workplace performance.  Consequently, when utilized as a first-line response to providing prevention, triage, and short-term problem-resolution services within an organization, EAPs can substantially contribute to workplace wellness and productivity.  This can lead to a multitude of positive outcomes for the organization.

Your EAP provides direct assistance to my employees. Do you also offer support services to my managers/supervisors?
Yes, we offer management consultation and coaching for management/supervisory staff.  Your manager/supervisor can contact your assigned EAP Consultant to discuss work-related concerns such as performance management issues and organizational change processes.  In addition, we provide immediate assistance to your managers/supervisors to address any critical incidents at the workplace.

My organization is interested in implementing an EAP package for our workplace. How do I get started?
Simply contact us to arrange for a consultation to discuss your organization’s needs.  Please call us at +65 6221 0926 or email us at enquiries @ eapconsultants dot com dot sg.

How much does it cost to implement an EAP?
Pricing is determined by the EAP needs and the size of the organization.  Please enquire for details.

What if my organization prefers a specific service instead of a comprehensive EAP package?
Not a problem.  Your organization can choose to implement a stand-alone service instead of a comprehensive EAP package.  Select the workplace wellness option that best meets the needs of your organization from our Simple SolutionsTM.

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