workplace health

EAP Consultants LLP supports the workplace health needs of organisations.  In addition, we are the first in Singapore to offer workplace health solutions that cater to the needs of educational institutions, from administrators to academic support staff to faculty members.

In line with this, we offer evidence-based Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) with a preventive focus.  We keep up with the latest research findings on workplace health issues.  We also emphasize the use of proactive measures to improve and sustain employee productivity, resiliency, and well-being.

Our consulting partners include the founder of a leading HR management consultancy firm and two doctoral-level psychologists.

Marlene Lee
Tan Seok Hui
Julie Teo

The foci of an EAP are two-fold:
• To assist employers/managers with optimizing their human capital potential
• To assist employees with identifying and resolving personal issues (e.g., physical and emotional health, family/marital, financial, and legal concerns) that may negatively impact job performance

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